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St. Paul AME Church531 W. Warren Ave. Kingsville, Texas 78363361-592-0645
Retama Park Baptist Church515 General Cavazos Blvd. Kingsville, Texas 78363361-592-6429
St. Gertrude's1120 S. 8th St. Kingsville, Texas 78363361-592-7351
First Baptist Church312 W. King Ave. Kingsville, Texas 78363361-592-3344
Kingsville Church of ChristS. 11th St. & E. Huisache, Kingsville, Texas 78363361-592-2865
First Presbyterian Church302 W. Kleberg Ave. Kingsville, Texas 78363361-592-4911
First Christian Church1900 S. Brahma, Kingsville, Texas 78363361-592-4911
Kingsway Family Church1727 Senator Carlos Truan Blvd., Kingsville, Texas 78363361-592-5132
Jehovah's Witness English1708 S. 6th St. Kingsville, Texas 78363361-592-1980
Church of Jesus Christ2100 General Cavazos, Kingsville, Texas 78363361-592-3630
Christ United Methodist Church1120 Senator Carlos Truan Blvd. Kingsville, Texas 78363361-592-7711
Central901 E. Henrietta, Kingsville, Texas 78363361-592-2381
Church Lirio De Los Valles428 West B. Ave. Kingsville, Texas 78363361-595-0082
University Baptist Church1324 N. Armstrong, Kingsville, Texas 78363361-592-4143
St. Paul Lutheran Church521 E. Doddridge, Kingsville, Texas 78363361-592-6531
Faith Point Church508 S. 10th St., Kingsville, Texas 78363361-592-3239
Bay Area Fellowship2001 S. Brahma, Kingsville, Texas 78363361-516-1788
Ricardo221 N. School Rd., Kingsville, Texas 78363361-592-1480
Coastal Bend Fellowship1500 E. Caesar Ave., Kingsville, Texas 78363361-592-2342
Praise Victory Worship Center1800 E. Corral Ave., Kingsville, Texas 78363361-592-5354
Templo Betel Assembly918 S. 18th St., Kingsville, Texas 78363361-592-3428
St. Thomas Aquinas1119 W. Santa Gertrudis, Kingsville, Texas 78363361-592-2270
Primera Iglesia Bautista405 West F. Ave., Kingsville, Texas 78363361-584-2050
First United Methodist Church120 N. 4th St. Kingsville, Texas 78363361-592-2632
St. John's Lutheran Church301 E. Main St., Bishop, Texas 78343361-584-2873
First Baptist Church311 E. 5th St., Bishop, Texas 78343361-584-3546
Baptist Student Union720 N. Armstrong, Kingsville, Texas 78363361-592-9335
First Baptist Church Parish312 E. Main St., Bishop, Texas 78343361-584-3618
St. James Catholic Church601-605 West 3rd St., Bishop, Texas 78343361-584-3250
St. Paul Lutheran Church801 E. Main St., Bishop, Texas 78343361-584-2778
Primera Iglesia Bautista405 N. Ave. F., Bishop, Texas 78343361-584-2050
First United Methodist Church804 E. 6th St., Bishop, Texas 78343361-584-2355
St. Martin's Catholic Church715 N. 8th St., Kingsville, Texas 78363361-592-4602
Our Lady Of Good Counsel1102 E. Kleberg St., Kingsville, Texas 78363361-592-3487
Our Lady of Guadalupe Mission111 South 2nd. St., Riviera, Texas 78379361-297-5255
Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church140 S. Main St., Sarita, Texas 78385361-294-5350
St. Joseph's Catholic Church1430 Brookshire Dr., Kingsville, Texas 78363361-592-5689
Our Lady of Consolation Parish204 Palm Ave., Riviera, Texas 78379361-297-5255


Mary Robertson
Born: 12/29/1926
Died: 1/11/2018
Roel Mata
Born: 3/10/1953
Died: 1/5/2018
Casimiro Guerra
Born: 6/21/1933
Died: 1/2/2018
Rogelio Suarez
Born: 11/8/1930
Died: 1/1/2018
Inglantina Rodriguez
Born: 10/18/1943
Died: 12/25/2017
Rozena Boyer
Born: 2/2/1925
Died: 12/24/2017
Juan Guevara
Born: 7/27/1937
Died: 12/23/2017
Emeterio Silguero, Jr.
Born: 7/8/1942
Died: 12/19/2017
Aurelia Zamora
Born: 3/23/1915
Died: 12/19/2017

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